Concert Band Concert Black

So I have been thinking for years now that I want to change the concert band uniform at the high School.  In fact I would love to move the whole program to a more traditional look.  The look I want to move towards is called “Concert Black.”  Traditionally this means that the ladies are in a black long dress.  (Alternately ladies could wear an all black pant suit.)  The men are in black tuxedos.

Now since I am trying to be money conscious for the people, who like me, have little here are the options:

1.  If you have what we have been wearing you may continue to do so.

2.  If you want to get your own concert black outfit, you may do so.  (Check out YouTube videos of professional and college bands and orchestras to see what I mean.)

3.  You may order from our new DeMoulin store.

If you order from DeMoulin shipping has been included in your cost and all the items will be shipped to the school.  The deadline for orders is Mar 12.  If you order the vest gentlemen you don’t need the cummerbund.  

It is my intention to phase out option number 1 and encourage members to move to option number 3.  If you will be in the band for a few more years you should just do option number 3 now to avoid the cost in a year or two.