Winter Winds??????

Hi all,

The Winter Drumline organization that governs the state has decide to add a new division this year call Winter Winds.  In short it is Marching Band inside.  The competitive season is February 14 to April 18.  For several reasons I think this is a good idea for Uintah Bands to consider.  However lets be honest, I’m already a very busy man.  This being said I am willing to give it a shot, because I feel the benefits to the program outweigh the detriments.  Ideally I would want the students to meet the criteria below to participate.  I understand that all of this might not be possible, but let’s see what you all think.  Would you please go and fill out the interest form by November 8.  If you don’t fill out the form and you have interest your feedback will not be included.

What I think every student should be willing to commit to:

Practice Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 6:30 to 7:30 am

Practice on some Saturdays

Pay a fee to cover the expenses of the activity up to $300  (I have no idea what it will really cost yet.)

Participate in the Concert Band, Jazz Band, or Percussion Class for the remainder of the year.

Possibly purchase an outfit to create a custom uniform for the season.

Purchase or already own marching shoes.

Be willing to travel up to 6 Saturdays for competitions.

Learn and memorize a short marching show set on a basketball court.

Participate in a Basketball Pep Band at up to 5 home basketball games.

Anything else that we might think of that would help the program succeed.

Since this is a new addition to music in Utah it is still unclear on the future of it.  However, it might be nice to have Uintah in on the ground floor and grow with it.  At this point we are not planning to get rid of the Winter Guard or Winter Drumline, but add this in addition to those two events.  I feel that this will do two things for our students.  1.  Give the seniors a chance to live the marching arts for a few more months, and 2.  Keep the younger students fresh in the marching arts so that Marching Band can continue to get better and better.

As I type this we are fighting Ogden for the 3rd place spot in the state this year.  By spending more time during the year marching we should have the edge next fall.  Anyway, these are my thoughts.  Please share yours by November 8, I really want to know what you think.  (The survey should be filled out by the student and the parent separately, I want to know how both parties feel about the idea.)  Thanks in advance for your feedback.

Mr. Gibson