MB parent info

I just sent this email to Marching Band parents through Aspire. But I know there are some kids still not registered for the class. So I’m posting it here too. If you’re not a marching band parent you can ignore this.

Hi parents,
I was talking to a parent today that told me she had no idea of some of the ways we were communicating with parents. I shouldn’t be shocked about this because I have teenagers and I know how well they give me information.   So I thought I would send this email home to hopefully help you communicate better with us. 
The first place I try to post important information is on our band website which you can find at http;//uintahband.net   If you click on the news tab and hit the subscribe button you’ll get an email notification when I put up new news items. Also there you will find a Calendar link that will update you as we make changes to the calendar. 
Probably the most information flows through the Uintah marching band group on Facebook. You can find it here and request membership.
The disadvantage to this group is the fact that all the students are in it, and they love to post things that you really don’t care about. But if you want to know what they’re talking about in our group it’s a great way to keep tabs on them as well.    It’s also a group that we tend to post a lot of pictures in because it is a closed group so it’s a great place for you to see pictures of your kids as well. 
We also have a Facebook group specific for parents of band students that you can find here: 
Also on Facebook is a Uintah Band Page and a Uintah colorguard page that are public pages. We post information on those as well, but really only the big information items that we want the public to know about as well.  If you’re on Facebook you should like both of those pages as well. 
A fairly new application that were using is called BAND. It’s designed to be used with groups of all kinds. The advantage to it is that it is similar to other social media platforms and the fact that there’s groups that you can post and comment on etc. But it’s different in the fact that it’s completely closed group. It is only the people we invite to the group.    It is my hope that it will become the new default place to disseminate information. 
Hey, join our ‘UHS Marching Band’ group on BAND – The app for groups and communities!https://band.us/n/a2a51cbbO3TeF
If you are a member of both Facebook groups and a member of the band group, you should not ever miss any information that we give out. If you’re a member of just one of those groups you will likely get at least 90% of the information. If you’re only going to choose one method please make up the BAND app.  I’m going to try really really hard to make sure everything is on the BAND app. 
Thank you for allowing us to work with your children,
The marching band staff 


T  Brian Gibson
Band Marching