UV You days for music

Hello, my name is Whitney Olsen and I work at Utah Valley University. I wanted to let you know about a special event we have coming up for all high school students interested in music.

Every year my office organizes several UV You Days which are open to all students, parents, faculty, and counselors. During this event students receive essential information about their college major, and meet their future dean, professors, and advisors. UV You Days are free Saturday events and students will receive breakfast and lunch. The Music and Dance UV You Day will be held on Saturday, January 21st, 2011. I encourage you to invite your students to attend this event.

Along with other prizes, a $200 bookstore scholarship will be given away at every event! Also, if your student wears their FREE UVU t-shirt they can enter to win an ipad! To order their t-shirt and have it mailed to them before the event direct your students to www.uvu.edu/futurestudents There they will find a scrolling advertisement for this t-shirt.

To register for this event your student can visit www.uvu.edu/futurestudents.events

I appreciate your help. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Whitney Olsen
On-Campus Recruitment Coordinator
Utah Valley University
P: 801.863.6182
E: Olsenwh@uvu.edu

Back to Work

It was nice to go back to work today. Now that we have played through the new music and have the instrumentation issues worked out I’m excited for Region. Go Ute Band!

If you are interested the school board is meeting next Tuesday and our Hawaii trip is on the agenda. We will know that night if we get to go.

Finally Jazz auditions for next year are coming up in Feb and MB registration will be after the 10th decision is made. Stay tuned for more info.

It’s December

Ok maybe this post is a couple days early, but for all intents I am right.  The concerts are in 16 days and 4 of those are weekends.  So there is a lot to do and not much time.

Pandemonium is performing at three of the Elementary Schools this year.  Thursday this week we will be at Ashley performing at 2:45pm.  Then next Monday we will be at Davis in the morning and Naples in the afternoon.  We love to play at the schools.

The annual raffle is starting up today as well.  If you want tickets be sure to get some from your favorite student.  I guess I need to get prizes ordered.

Like I said a busy month for the bands.  Happy December.

Great banquet.

Thanks to Jamie and Kathryn for organizing the banquet. Thanks to all who brought stuff. Thanks to all that came. Me and my family had a great time.

Now on to concert band season.

Desperate Need for Pictures

I am trying to put together a slide show for the banquet next week.  I need marching band pictures form this year.  If you have any please get them to me by Friday.