First Show Tomorrow

Our first show is tomorrow at Weber State University.  Show time is 3:30 pm.  Come see how we do for the first time in front of judges.  Thickets are $5 (I think)  You should be in your seat by 3:15 in case we start early.

Wish us luck.

First two shows!

Weber review will be next Tuesday Sept 20 at WSU. We are on the field at 3:30pm. Itinerary will be up tonight or tomorrow.

Nebo tournament of bands is Saturday Sept. 24 in Payson. We are on the field at noon. Again itinerary up soon.

Hope to see you all there.

Uintah Band

New school year needs a new web site.  Most of what I will need to say will show up in the news feed.  I can update it anywhere any time, easy.  Also, Mr. Jones will be able to post here too.  I will try to update stuff on the other pages too, but look here first for news.

If you have a Word Press account you can follow the news on WP.  You can also get an RSS subscription, or you can just follow on the news page at

Let me know what you like and don’t like about the new site.  All comments are welcome.