Back to Work

It was nice to go back to work today. Now that we have played through the new music and have the instrumentation issues worked out I’m excited for Region. Go Ute Band!

If you are interested the school board is meeting next Tuesday and our Hawaii trip is on the agenda. We will know that night if we get to go.

Finally Jazz auditions for next year are coming up in Feb and MB registration will be after the 10th decision is made. Stay tuned for more info.

Desperate Need for Pictures

I am trying to put together a slide show for the banquet next week.  I need marching band pictures form this year.  If you have any please get them to me by Friday.


Great year

So the 2011 season is over. I for one will miss working on the Lost show, but look forward to new ideas. We have announced the new drum majors for next year and are excited to work with Ryan and Jake in those roles.

Now we need to work on concert band for a while and focus on making our fundamental musical skills stronger. Hope you are all ready to make some great music.

The new web site is taking shape and we are now on board with the new web site. If you want to sign up get a code from me. Let me know what you think of the new site, what you want to see, and what you think we don’t need.

Videos On Line Now

I finally have some videos up for the current season.  Go to the Marching Band page and click on the video link in the table of the schedule.

Happy viewing!