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Summer Marching Band

Want to do marching band during the summer with us?  Now is your chance.  Fill out this form to register.  Then pay your $40 to the HS finance office or to Mr. Gibson.

We will take registration until the first practice in June on June 7th.

For information about the group go here.

Plan for this week.

So my educator side and competitive MB director sides have been arguing all weekend. The itinerary for the trip Monday shows practice at 9:03. This means the kids will miss classes for two more days this week.  
The MB side of me says we really need to start earlier, but the educator side of me says the kids need to go to class.  
So here is how we are going to solve the argument. If the student needs to be in a class for a test, quiz, important info, etc. they should go to that class. If they can miss the class for the two days and keep their grades up they should be on the field for practice.  
Students can come and go as needed for classes, but will be activity excused for the entire day, and should be on the field for practice as much as possible.
Here is the itinerary for the trip:

Sweat Week Starts Tomorrow (7/27/15)

All band members need to know for tomorrow:

1. Bring Water
2. Bring and use sunscreen
3. Bring a pencil 
4. Bring music
5. Bring instrument
6. Bring good shoes and socks
7. Bring a hat
8. Be on time
9. On time is 6:45am at the stadium
10. We will feed you lunch
11. Don’t plan to leave until at least 2pm
12. Do not miss!!!!!!!
13. Come ready to work hard.

Drill is Done

We start learning next Monday!

Want a preview?  New drill for this year is available, using Drillbook Next.  Want instructions?  Check the FB MB group or the Google Classroom.  Instructions in both places.