This page is for the Seniors to look at for University ideas, or other post High School music opportunities.  I will list links for the schools I receive info from as well as the armed forces, and anything else I hear about.

Utah Schools:

U of U  Audition Info Starts in November

BYU  Audition Info  Deadlines are in Jan

USU  Audition Info  Auditions are in Nov and Jan

UVU  Audition Info  in February

Snow  Audition Info  end of February

SUU   Audition Info  in Jan and Feb

Dixie State   Application Link

Weber State  Audition Info  in February, but there is a rumor that he is coming to us in November.

Out of State Schools:

San Francisco Conservatory of Music:  Admissions

BYU Idaho    Audition Info  Deadline Feb 1


CMU MB Flyer




Air Force


Coast Guard