Jazz Band Auditions

In order to audition for the Jazz Band you will need to prepare a piece and video a performance of the song.  You should play the head, a solo section, and then the head out.  All students in the video may use the same video for audition purposes.  (Each student should upload the video separately for their own audition.)  The video may use all live musicians or a recording minus your part.

Drum Set auditions will require a few more steps.  The percussionist should include a video of him playing the following styles:  Swing, Ballad (Brushes), Latin, and Funk.

For specific materials see below.

Submit videos via this link.  All videos should include at the beginning the following info:  Name(s), Current Grade, and Part auditioning for.

2018-19 School year:

Jazz Auditions 2018

All of Me –

Eb Part

C Part

Bb Part

Bass Clef Part