Marching Band

This signature page needs to be filled out and signed by the second day of school.  Please return to Mr. Gibson

MBSignaturePage 2018

Parade Waivers must be filled out and turned in on July 3.  Get one here:

Parade Waiver 2018

If you are interested in the Parade Only Summer Band, just show up to practice on Tuesday June 5 at 8am.  Practices will be every Tuesday in June 8am to Noon.


Must Be done by Friday May 25, 2018!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fill out this medical form.

Pay Band Camp Fee of $125

Fill out this permission form.

If you haven’t done so Register for MB on the google form.

2018 Registration is now open.  You may register here.


2018 Handbook – Contract :

FAQs – MBFAQ2018

Membership Requirements – MBContract2018

Fees for 2018 – MBFees2018   (In order to help you see the big picture, here are the total fees due:  Veteran Wind Member with own instrument $320.  Veteran Wind Member with school horn or Veteran percussion member $350.  New Wind Member with own instrument $365.   New percussion member $390.   New Wind Member with school horn $395.    Color Guard member $455.)

Travel Guidelines – MBTravel2018  (All travel for the MB will be provided by USD on School busses.  All school and district polices will be enforced on the bus and during the entire trip.)

UHS Athletic Handbook – Uintah High School Athletic Handbook

What to take to Band CampMBDeltaPlanSheet2018

Please ask to join the FaceBook Marching Band Group.

IF you will miss any day during the summer (Including Parades) fill out this form, ASAP.

This is a tentative calendar for MB this season.  Most dates will not change.  Football still needs to be added.  Preview and Review are still being discussed.  Competition and Summer dates are pretty much set.  (They shouldn’t change.)  Band Camp and Sweat Week are set where they are and will not change.

Home FB games (subject to change) Aug 31 / Sep 14 / Oct 5


IF You Will Miss a Performance you must fill out this for at least 2 weeks in advance.  Then talk to Mr. Gibson about the request to miss.