I think we are good to go / Sweat Week Info

The new site has finally been migrated to the new server.  We should be over the humps now and good to go.  If you find anything missing that you would like access to let me know and I’ll add it.

Sweat Week starts Monday.  Remember that practice is from 7am to 2pm Monday through Saturday.  After 2pm I ask that the kids not make any other plans.  If we need the extra time to finish stuff or have sectionals I need the kids there.

New Content from original post:

There is no acceptable excuse for missing Sweat Week!  If a student misses any of this week they will be removed from the band.  It is that important.  If there is a once in a lifetime conflict that you really think warrants missing some of this week the student must meet with Mr. Gibson in person prior to the conflict.  The more notice the better.  Only if Mr. Gibson says it is approved will it be ok to miss.  Do not plan on Mr. Gibson approving anything.

Old post continued –

We will have a short parent preview Saturday about Noon.  Feel free to come see what we have done.  We will even give you a chance to try what they are doing.  Wear some comfy shoes and something easy to move in.

Marching Band Update:

Homecoming went very well.  I was pleased with the kids in all respects.  We still have a lot of cleaning to do if we want to place well this season, but we have a great start.  My only real issue was the fact the flags didn’t show up on time.

Here are some things to be aware of:


If you have a real legitimate reason to miss a performance with the band you MUST do the following AT LEAST 2 WEEKS IN ADVANCE:

  1.  Fill out a RALF on the Student resources page.
  2. Tell Mr. Gibson
  3. Justify why you must miss.  You need to show that you have done all in your power to avoid the absence.
  4. Get approval from Mr. Gibson for the absence.

The only exception to this is in the case of an emergency.  In that case get hold of Mr. Gibson ASAP and then fill out the RALF.


All travel itineraries for the Marching Band can be found here:  Ensembles > Marching Band > Itineraries for MB

As soon as I know the performance times I will get the itineraries on the web site.  Please check back often when trying to plan around our trips.  The first 2 trips are done and on line now.


As for the Nebo trip.  We will be leaving Friday afternoon and spending the night.  I told the kids that if for some reason they could not go out on Friday that I needed to know ASAP and they will need to get a ride from a parent out to the show.  They will need to be at Payson HS no later than 8am on Saturday.  All members of the band need to pay $32 for the hotel by Monday Sept 21.  If this is a financial hardship for your family contact Mr. Gibson ASAP.


All MB fees except the last trip fee of $70 are now past due.  The last $70 is due Oct 15.  All overdue fees will be subject to a late fee.  Please get your fees caught up and paid.  You can track what I show you owe on CHARMS.  If you can’t get in email Mr. Gibson.  Remember the student id is the same as it is for school in Aspire.


The trip scheduled for next Saturday Sept 19 has been replaced with a morning practice.  We will meet and start practice at the HS at 8am and are scheduled to go until noon.

In order to keep up-to-date with everything that is going on in the MB be sure to join the Parent FB group if you are a parent, the MB FB Group if you are a member, and/or join the Celly Group.  (Parents text @uhsbandparents to 23559)(Students text @UHSBand to 23559)

And as always if you need Mr. Gibson email him:  gibson@uintahband.net