Auditions for Pandemonium

Audition application can be found here.  It must be completed by the end of this week, March 28.  All prospective and current members should fill it out.

Auditions are scheduled for Friday April 4 at 2;45pm.  Please check back here on Monday March 31 for further instructions.




Summer Band Opportunities

If you did not register for the Marching Band you may think that you have no summer band options.  You would be wrong.  There are three options for anyone to take band this summer.

1.  Parade Band

If you show up, starting on June4, on Tuesday mornings you can be in the parades with us.  We will march in four parades.  July 4 and 24 / Aug 3 and 10.  Practices will be held at UHS from 8am – 9:30am

2.  Marching Band Shadow Band

Come to UHS whenever the marching band is practicing and practice with us.  If we have a student gone for the day you can march their spot.  If everyone is here you can shadow someone that plays your instrument.  It is a great way to see what marching band is and learn from someone that knows more than you.  You don’t need to come to every practice, just come when you want.  The MB full schedule can be found here.

3.  Jazz Band Shadow Band

Just like the Marching Band this is an opportunity to shadow what we do in Jazz Band.  They rehearse Tuesdays from 11am – noon.  (Starting June 4)  If you learn the music you can even perform with us at the Run Da Funk on July 27.

Other info:

The cost for summer band is $35 regardless of which one you choose, or even if you choose all three.  Need instructions to pay on line?  Read this: Online instructions

You may do just one, two, or all three.

A copy of the flyer we are sending home next week is here: Summer Band 2013

Registration to participate is here.

Pandemonium Auditions in 2 Weeks

Get the all the details below, but the short is that auditions will be Thursday March 29 from 2:30 – 6:30 pm. Good luck to all!

Jazz Band Audition Information

Sign up for a time here.

All this info is also on the Pandemonium page. The audition materials will be available there too. Here is a link:


Fill Out this questionnaire before Audition.

Jazz Band Resources: (These came from Jazz at Lincoln Center Essentially Ellington Festival.)
The Trumpet Section
The Bone Section
The Sax Section
Jazz Piano Skills
Drum Grooves
Walking Bass Line
Listening Sugestions
Help with Blues Scales