I think we are good to go / Sweat Week Info

The new site has finally been migrated to the new server.  We should be over the humps now and good to go.  If you find anything missing that you would like access to let me know and I’ll add it.

Sweat Week starts Monday.  Remember that practice is from 7am to 2pm Monday through Saturday.  After 2pm I ask that the kids not make any other plans.  If we need the extra time to finish stuff or have sectionals I need the kids there.

New Content from original post:

There is no acceptable excuse for missing Sweat Week!  If a student misses any of this week they will be removed from the band.  It is that important.  If there is a once in a lifetime conflict that you really think warrants missing some of this week the student must meet with Mr. Gibson in person prior to the conflict.  The more notice the better.  Only if Mr. Gibson says it is approved will it be ok to miss.  Do not plan on Mr. Gibson approving anything.

Old post continued –

We will have a short parent preview Saturday about Noon.  Feel free to come see what we have done.  We will even give you a chance to try what they are doing.  Wear some comfy shoes and something easy to move in.

Be Part of the Band

Why should my kids be part of the High School Band?  I mean they had band in the Middle School, they can go learn something else now.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vpAMI7OHbQs]

Missed the parent meeting?

Here are my notes from last night. They are not written with good grammar and writing skills in mind. If you can’t decipher what I mean feel free to email me for further explanation.

Parent meeting notes

Reminded everyone how to keep in touch.

uintahband.net. Is the main hub

Several parents joined Celly

We discussed Charms and the advantage to the system. If you need your students ID for charms email Mr. Gibson.

Finances for the current school year were disclosed

Many of the parents share my distaste of fundraising

Run da funk was announced, but the date needs to be adjusted. It will be announced soon.

The mattress fundraiser was discussed and it was agreed that it is worth trying. We will get more info soon.

Volunteers for region band just need to show up at the hs April 9 at 8am.

Parents not wishing to be a part of the marching band discussion were excused at this time.

MB registration and the schedule were discussed. This info can be found on line.

After a lengthy discussion two things were proposed that we look at:

rather than a long out of state trip it was proposed that we add a trip or two in state and look at adding to the trips we already take. Ie Boondocks or lagoon added to a trip.
Since most families spend the money on the fund raisers anyway, look at raising the fees and cutting out fundraising.

I will be putting together a proposal for both of these items and asking for feedback. Please stay tuned.

Parent Shirts

Have parent/supporter shirts ready to order. $15 due on order. Band logo with parent or supporter under the logo. Or you can order just the logo. Teralene needs money and order by Friday. Email or call me if you want one.