I think we are good to go / Sweat Week Info

The new site has finally been migrated to the new server.  We should be over the humps now and good to go.  If you find anything missing that you would like access to let me know and I’ll add it.

Sweat Week starts Monday.  Remember that practice is from 7am to 2pm Monday through Saturday.  After 2pm I ask that the kids not make any other plans.  If we need the extra time to finish stuff or have sectionals I need the kids there.

New Content from original post:

There is no acceptable excuse for missing Sweat Week!  If a student misses any of this week they will be removed from the band.  It is that important.  If there is a once in a lifetime conflict that you really think warrants missing some of this week the student must meet with Mr. Gibson in person prior to the conflict.  The more notice the better.  Only if Mr. Gibson says it is approved will it be ok to miss.  Do not plan on Mr. Gibson approving anything.

Old post continued –

We will have a short parent preview Saturday about Noon.  Feel free to come see what we have done.  We will even give you a chance to try what they are doing.  Wear some comfy shoes and something easy to move in.

June is over. Where did it go???

Well our first parade is over and the second one is two days away.  (I’m still not sure we will have shirts for it.  Grrr)  But the really scary thing is we have two weeks off now.  What?????  How will we overcome that?  Well Sweat Week of course.

Here is the schedule for Sweat Week.  All marching band students should plan to be available for the entire week.  I will do my best to give you the evenings indicated, but if it is not going well we will do more.  (an incentive to work hard???)

This week is mandatory!  (Only one student is excused.)  Please plan now to be there, or you will break rule number 1 and 5.