Uintah High School Instrumental Music

Uintah Ute Marching Band

The Following is for the Band Camp in Delta.  Since we will not be going there again any time soon, use this as a guide, but it will be updated when we have a new camp location chosen.

We will load the bus at 6:30 am on Tuesday morning. The schedule is on line. Please be prepared by bringing the following items:

          Instrument (Reeds, oil, etc.) 

          Athletic Shoes and socks

          Flip Flops, sandals, or anything other than athletic shoes are not allowed on the field. You may bring them for down time, however.

          Shirts with sleeves and shorts or pants

          Halter tops, belly shirts, tank tops, and swim wear are not allowed.

          Sun screen, hats, lotion, lip balm, sun glasses, etc.

          You will be in the sun all day every day. Don’t get sunburned because you didn’t plan well.

          Personal toiletries.

          Soap, Shampoo, Deodorant, Tooth Brush, Tooth Paste, comb/brush, Razor, Feminine hygiene products, etc.

          Towel and washcloth 

          Music with Pencil 

          Clothing for 5 days. (Including sleepwear)

          A jacket or sweatshirt is optional (It can get cold in am)

          Sleeping gear

          Sleeping bag, pillow, blankets, flashlight, etc. 

          Air / Foam mattress (Optional)

          A personal water jug! (Labeled w/ name)

          We will not have a water jug with cups. There will be lots of water breaks, but you need your own jug.

You must have:

Camp fee paid by May 4.


Medical Form on file before we leave.

Money for Lunch Tuesday.  (Or a lunch.)

Money for anything you want after Lunch on Saturday.  (We will be home about 8 pm)

Your instrument.

Your music.

The list of stuff above.


A word about electronics and other entertainment devices:

We all love our electronics, especially me. However, we are going to be where we will have limited access to things. We will not have TVs to hook up an Xbox. There is no wireless internet access so your computers will not work on line. There is limited phone service, and we will not have them during practice time. Plan accordingly.