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Answers to commonly asked questions

Can I be in the band program and not be in Marching band?

Yes. Each year there are several students because of various reasons or preference who chose not to be in the marching band program. The marching band is one part of the total band program which includes Concert Band,  Jazz Ensemble and Marching Band classes.

Can I be in the Marching band and not be in the band program?

No.  In order to be eligible to be a member of the marching band you must be in a performing ensemble the semester prior to the marching season.  The exception to this is color guard.  Guard members must participate in the spring guard camps however, and should participate in Winter Guard.  Any other exceptions to this rule must be pre-approved by Mr. Gibson.

Can I participate in the fall marching band show if I did not participate during the summer?

Only under extenuating circumstances. We start the show in the summer and spend a lot of time on basics. We have shortened the summer practice time to give students more free time and feel that the summer time requirement is as minimal as possible.

Can I participate in the fall marching band show if I did not go to camp or Sweat Week?

No!  Camp and Sweat Week are designed to be the time that we use to get everyone on the same page.  Only under extreme circumstances will this requirement be waived.  If you feel that you have an extreme case you must talk to Mr. Gibson prior to registering.

What are the additional costs?

Obviously you will need to take care of your instrument.  So reeds, oil, etc. are your responsibility.  The Marching Band fee schedule is set and there should be no surprises.  Each ensemble has a participation fee of $40.  If you play in Marching, Jazz, and Concert Band you will pay that fee three times.  The only other expenses might be if we have an unexpected trip come up.  The Jazz band for instance pays for their motel rooms for the over night trips. 

Can a student receive P.E. credit for marching band?

YES!!!!!!!!!!!!  It is good for a semester of PE credit, but does not replace the required PE classes like fitness for life.

What will take place at band camp?

This period of time is a concentrated 4 day period for all students to receive help from the directors and staff members, in individual and small group training. Basics will be covered and the music will be started.  Attendance at band camp is not optional!

How do I clean the uniform?

All uniform parts should be dry cleaned only! We take care of the final cleaning at the end of the season, if you need to during the season it is at your cost.

How often should the uniforms be cleaned?

Obviously, they should be cleaned any time they have been soiled. It will not be necessary to clean them quite as often if you take good care of them. 

What should be worn under my band uniform?

You must wear a T-shirt, possibly the band T-shirt and light-weight shorts. Long johns are encouraged during cold weather performances. We dress in the parking lot so modesty is essential.

What should I wear on trips when not in uniform?

It is expected that the members of the band will dress in the show shirt when not in uniform.  The shirt is provided at the beginning of the season.  Please wear it at all times on contest days when not in uniform.  

What does a captain do?

Captains are students assigned to individual sections who will serve as the leaders of that section. They are selected on their musical and leadership abilities. They will conduct sectionals and social activities throughout the season and will work closely with the drum-major and the Director.

What does the Drum Major do?

The Drum Major is the field conductor for the marching band. He/she helps rehearse and conduct the performance of the band. He/she is responsible for the esprit de corps of the band and help to solve any personnel problems that occur during the season. He/she has major teaching responsibilities concerning marching style.

What do the rest of the student leadership do?

The student leadership is there to serve the students of the band.  They are the go between for Mr. Gibson and the students.  Their job is to help everyone succeed and have a great season.

What is the time commitment for Marching Band?

A complete calendar is included on the web site. Attendance at rehearsals is crucial to our success and any absences must have prior approval. Time commitment is similar to involvement on any major sporting team. Color Guard and Percussion will have additional practices.

What is the total cost of marching band?

A complete fee schedule is included on the website.  

When are fees due?

All past due fees and Band Camp fees need to be paid by the first Friday in May.  All other fees must be paid in full before the first day of school.  Failure to follow this policy may result in the removal of the student from the band.

Are fees refundable?

Absolutely not.  Once you pay a fee it will be spent on the Marching Band.  If the student is removed from the band, or quits fees will not be refunded.

Are there fund raising opportunities to help defray these costs? 

We will have several fundraisers to participate in.  In fact more than any of us want.  The total cost to run the program is not covered by student fees.  If the student wants to count fundraised money towards their fees they may, with prior approval of Mr. Gibson.  Keep in mind that the funds raised are not all our profits.  It depends on the fundraiser.  Some times we get only 40%.

What do we do about family summer vacations and scout/girls camps? 

We encourage students to try to schedule activities around the band schedule but we realize conflicts will occur. Any summer activities that will interfere with marching band practice must be filled out on the summer absence form.  Anything else, that “comes up” needs to follow the policy of 2 weeks notice.  The only summer activity that is absolutely mandatory is the band camp during May, and Sweat week in August.

What if I am going to the Terra Academy? 

In order to be a member of the Uintah Ute Marching Band you have to be enrolled at Uintah High School.  You need to be in 4 classes or 2 credits at least during the Trimester.  This can be accomplished through a dual enrollment if you attend the Academy or are home schooled.  All requirements as to eligibility still apply.  Proof of prior term grades should be submitted to Mr. Gibson to show eligibility.

If you have any further questions please feel free to contact Mr. Gibson. Phone: 790-9267

e-mail: gibson@uintahband.net