Uintah High School Instrumental Music

Uintah Ute Marching Band

Marching Band Membership Requirements

As a member of the Uintah High School Marching Band, I agree to abide by the following policies and procedures.  I further understand that for the betterment of the band, a violation of any one of these policies will result in my being assigned as an alternate or removal from the Marching Band program.

1> Attendance Policy:

Rehearsal:  Members will be allowed a maximum of: 0 unexcused absences.  Tardies will be made up after each rehearsal with the captain.  No absence at rehearsal just prior to competition will be excused.  All requests for excused absence, must be submitted digitally at least 2 weeks in advance on the Absence form, with the exception of dates for the summer indicated on the Summer Absence form.  Requests will be reviewed on a case by case basis.

Performance:  Any absence must have prior approval of Mr. Gibson.

Students will not miss school the day before, the day of, or the day after a performance!  This is school/district policy.

2> All music must be memorized by the designated deadlines.

Music must be passed off to captains, designated staff and/or Mr. Gibson.

Captains are there to help you, so please use their help with the music.

3> Members may be asked to perform their Drill Segments and marching technique for their captains, staff and/or Mr. Gibson.  Drill segments will include proper field position, horn position, body motion, music performance, etc.

4> Members will be responsible for their own equipment and clothing.  

5> A copy of the last terms grades must be turned in prior to camp. “Any U.H.S.A.A. sponsored activities must meet academic eligibility as established by the state or region. Music, Flags, Rifles…when competing must have a 2.5 G.P.A. and no Fs.” Members must maintain a 2.5 grade average to be eligible for competitions. Grades will be checked each week.  Final eligibility is based on the last term of the prior school year.  Leadership members will need to maintain a GPA of 3.0 or better.

6> All fees are non refundable and must be paid in a timely manner in compliance with the payment schedule.  A late fee will be added for late payments.  The late fee will be 10% of the fee that is late.  Fees not paid by the first day of school may result in the student being removed from the ensemble.

7> To assure uniformity of the band, extremes in appearance such as hair color, facial jewelry, hair over the collar, beards, mustaches etc. are not permitted.

8> I will not complain to anyone who cannot fix the problem.  If the problem cannot be fixed, I will not complain.  I will not listen to anyone else complain!

9> I will resolve any conflicts in a way that does not create more conflicts for anyone else in the band.

10> Members are students in the school first.  It is not optional to attend classes, nor is it acceptable to be habitual tardy.  Attendance will be monitored.  We miss enough school because of band, you need to go to class.

11> Accidents/Illness/Injuries need to be communicated to Mr. Gibson ASAP.  In the event of an accident during band, parents will be notified and the staff will see to first aide and call for help if needed.

In short here is what we expect:

     1     We take responsibility and are accountable for our belongings, our actions, and ourselves.

     2     Good Choices equal good consequences.  Poor choices equal negative consequences.

     3     We admire traits such as:  Punctuality, dependability, honesty, integrity, and a strong work ethic.  We communicate openly, are friendly, and loyal to all.

     4     We are positive people and give our BEST at every practice and performance.

     5     We enjoy the journey.

     6     We talk the talk, and walk the walk of TRUE CHAMPIONS!

Band Moto:      BE YOUR BEST

I understand these policies and realize that the success of the UHS Band is dependent on my dedication and commitment to individual excellence.  My attitude and ability will combine with other members to create the spirit and precision of the Uintah High Band.  I agree to be removed from the show if these expectations are not fulfilled.

Please be sure to take advantage of the online resources available to keep up-to-date on information.

Filling out and submitting the registration on the web site is indication of acceptance of these terms. 

Check with the specific year info to find the due date for registration.