Uintah High School Instrumental Music

Uintah Ute Marching Band

Band Travel Instructions


     1     Don’t do anything to make Mr. Gibson angry.

     2     The bus will be cleaner when we get home than it was when we left.

     3     Don’t be alone.  Groups of 4 or more is highly recommended.  You may never be alone.

     4     Be on time to every reporting point.  (Early is On time, On Time is Late.)

     5     If in doubt refer to rule number 1.

     6     HAVE A GREAT TIME.


     1     Music allowed with headphones only. 

     2     Prepare instruments for travel by stuffing clothing around instrument to prevent shifting in transit. 

     3     Baggage: 1 large suitcase, Instrument. 

     4     If you feel sick please contact Mr. Gibson, or a chaperon and they will help you. Please bring your own medications such as aspirin, car-sick meds, etc. 

     5     Maintain normal conversation levels; no loud singing, screaming, or loud laughter.

     6     Members of the opposite gender may not share a bus seat.


     1     Four persons per room. 

     2     Please leave the room clean and orderly. Rooms will be checked regularly by the chaperons. 

     3     Any damage to a room must be reported immediately to Mr. Gibson, or a chaperone. 

     4     Remember, civilians are in the same hotel so use common courtesy: no running, loud music, loud talking, loud parties, etc. 

     5     Male and female may not be in the same room ever. (Sorry, but it has to be.)

     6     Curfew time will mean everyone is in his/her own room. Getting a pop, ice, etc., will not be allowed after curfew so please stock up. 

     7     Room changes can only be authorized by Mr. Gibson not a chaperone!

     8     Any violation of curfew or being in the wrong rooms will result in immediate termination of your tour and you will be sent home at the earliest possible convenience.  At your expense.

     9     Any long distance telephone calls are to be collect and not billed to your room. 

     10     Please don’t call other rooms after curfew.


     1     Be responsible to unload and load your own instrument, uniform, and other assigned equipment. Don’t expect others to do it for you!

     2     After the performance, double check to see that all equipment is packed away. Don’t be one of those people who sit on the bus while others are loading. If everyone helps it will be easy. 

     3     Don’t leave uniform bags or clothes in the changing areas.

     4     Please be prompt in checking in with your chaperon when requested. 


SUGGESTED PACKING LIST (For longer trips like State MB)

1 suit case 

1 small carry-on bag


Show Shirt

Food money for 10 meals

Swim Suit 

extra clothing for 4 days 

personal toiletries .

additional spending money.