Band Camp Status

Below is a PDF of who is ready to go to camp. As of today there are 12 kids not ready to go. I will update this file every couple hours as stuff comes in.

Here is how it works. If the box is light blue it needs to be done. If it is Red that means you can not go unless you fix the issue. On the physical column if it is blue that means I have something turned in from you, but there is an issue with it. It is either missing signature(s) or page(s).

If it is white, you have done it, or it is not yet do. Green means you are all ready to go to camp. If you are unclear about what needs to still be done come see me, ASAP. If you know what still needs to be done, do it ASAP.

AS for eligibility. If you are bright red you are currently not eligible. If you are the muted red you are on the fence. We are running out of time, get it fixed.

Here is the file. (Last updated Friday May 24 11:30am)