Final Band Camp Info

There are 7 students who do not have everything done to go to camp. I have contacted them all individually to fix the issues. I’m hoping that means they will get stuff done today. Everyone else is good to go.

The band this year sits at 72 members if those 7 get their stuff done. I am thrilled and excited to work with such a large group. If should be a fun year. If you are not sure if you are one of the 7 check out the file here. Here is the file. (Last updated Friday May 24 7:40pm)

We will load the busses at 6am Tuesday morning. If you are unsure of what to bring check out this planning page. If you want to know what to expect here is the itinerary.

If you have any last minute questions shoot me an e-mail, text, or give me a call. 435 790-9267.